London360 Feature: International Somali Awards

The Somali community have been in London from as early as 1914 and arrived in three distinct waves of migration:
  • Recruits for the First World War.
  • Economic and academic migrants, they came to UK for the sea trading opportunities and settled in docking areas such as East London, Cardiff and Liverpool.
  • Refugees escaping the civil war in Somali between 1991 and 2001.

Wednesday 23rd March 2016 saw the launch of the inaugural International Somali Awards hosted in London; honouring the greatest achievements of the worldwide Somali community and a chance for Somali’s across the globe to unite and be recognised.

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London360 Feature: Screen Nation

Founded by Charles Thompson MBE, Screen Nation hosted its 11th annual Film and television Awards. The ceremony honours and showcases the achievements of black professionals within the film and television industry. The aim of Screen Nation is to encourage, celebrate, reward, support and promote professionals and talents of African diaspora heritage to continue building a diverse path for future careers.

Stars arrived and graced the red carpet and then were treated to a three course meal before the main ceremony and celebrations.

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