MTV and Underground Artists 2016

The MTV New Artist gig on Tuesday 26th January at Camden’s Electric Ballroom with Anne-Marie, WSTRN and Craig David was really something.

Having queued for what felt like hours wasn’t really the encouragement that we needed to continue what had already been a long day.  Knowing that the show kicked off at 19:45 and we were still standing outside did make us wonder if we would actually be let in, or whether we should give up and go home.

IMG-20160127-WA0018Anne-Marie was new to me, so I didn’t feel too bad to miss the start of the show. At least that’s how I felt until I actually got inside. As we made our way close to the stage, what I could hear was great – not what I expected at all. Only having the opportunity to hear the last part of her set was unfortunate, but I will definitely be looking up her music.

Considering how long we had waited outside it was great that we were able to get close enough to the stage to have a great view.20160126_211822

In all honesty, before the night, I had only ever heard WSTRN’s debut song “In2”. WSTRN is definitely a group where all three members have talent. Loved their opening song “Best Friend”. Plus they’re from West London so what’s not to like 🙂

You could feel the energy in the Electric Ballroom. Everyone was dancing and you could definitely feel the heat – and this was before Craig David had even come on stage.

I’m not going to lie Craig David was the main reason that I wanted to go to the show. I’m so happy that hIMG-20160127-WA0023e has made a comeback. His performance on stage was more than anyone could have asked for. A great old Skool garage rewind – then catapulted back to the present with great remixes and renditions of songs that are big right now. Craig David showed that he still has it; he’s not just a performer he is a great DJ.
So all in all a great show from MTV with three different, but equally great, talented artists.IMG-20160127-WA0026It wasn’t just the music that made my night – we got to meet Fatman Scoop! How funny to walk into the Electric Ballroom and see Fatman Scoop chilling on the left like any other member of the crowd. We couldn’t resist, we had to ask for a picture – he was so cool about it and took pictures with everyone who asked.

Tuesday was definitely a great night 🙂Snapchat-994295697807815528

But my week didn’t end there. After another long day on Friday, on my journey home passing through Kings Cross Underground I had the pleasure of meeting London busker Juliana Lisk. A video of Juliana and Fatman Scoop singing “Valerie” had gone viral just a week before I bumped into both of them.

What a coincidence.

My encounters with music and music artists this week have left me excited to hear what else 2016 has to offer.

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