Stardo Karle – Wanting

Stardo Karle, an up and coming UK star within the Afrobeat genre.

It was during a competition performance at University of Reading that I realised the true power of her voice. During her rendition of Musiq Soulchild’s ‘So Beautiful’ Stardo won the entire crowd over and took home the gold prize. Other meaningful  performances included her tribute to deceased colleague Jayson Jerome, where she performed ‘No Greater Love‘ by Amy Winehouse.

In her earlier career Stardo was very much into her neo soul and underground soul music, listing to artists like A Tribe Called Quest. During this time Stardo was a soul/RnB singer, so when she decided to switch genres to Afrobeats it was a surprising change, however, not completely unexpected. With her mixed heritage from Ghana and Ivory Coast it could only be expected that one day she would produce music a lot closer to home.

Her six month stay in Ghana would be the start of her next chapter. First releasing ‘Di Asa‘ and now her latest single ‘Wanting‘ featuring Mr. Eazi.

‘Wanting’ is definitely a new direction for Stardo. Her first release on itunes. A great example of her progression but also the increased popularity of the Afrobeat genre in mainstream.

Although ‘Wanting’ is classified as part of the Afrobeat genre is a great reminder of Stardo’s RnB and Soul roots. Very easy listening and relatable when we think about relationships. Stardo describes herself as Afro fusion. Click here to hear Wanting and some of her other work.

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