London360: Shakka’s London

Monday 27th June 2016

You’re never short of things to do in London. From eating out, to traversing the River Thames via skyline or boat, there is something for everyone. West London resident and music artist Shakka filled us in on what makes his local London community so special.

London360: Series 10 Episode 9

Monday 13th June 2016

Laurelle Campbell presents episode 9 of London360 series 10. Features include: Wheelchair Basketball; Young Entrepreneurs of London; Afro Hair & Beauty; Dragon Hall; Brexit

London360: Afro Hair & Beauty

Monday 13th June 2016

Hairstyles within the black community have always been up for debate, whether it’s the conversation about natural versus processed or traditional styles versus what is deemed ‘’professional’’ in the western workplace. In 2016 there is more choice and opinion than ever about this area, so we attended the Afro-Hair and Beauty convention in Islington to see how today’s London ladies of various cultural backgrounds felt about the progression about political hair debate.

London360: Series 10 Episode 8

Monday 30th May 2016

Laurelle Campbell narrates episode 8 of London360 series 10. Features include: Rap & Lyrics; Rap & Respect; Cultural Appropriation; Afrobeats; Asian Artists; Music, Health & wellbeing

London360: Cultural Appropriation

Monday 30th May 2016

Diversity has been a buzz word in media for quite a while now, but in the creative arts are we all borrowing, stealing or celebrating from each other’s cultures? Cultural appropriation is the catchphrase of the moment, what does it all mean?

London360: Museum of Brands

Monday 16th May 2016

BHS seems on its way to joining the likes of Woolworths and Comet in the British brand boneyard. In a world where anything can be thrown away and replaced, a museum in West London provides a historic journey of changing consumer brands. From household goods to technology, we took a nostalgic trip through their time tunnel.

London360: Minority within a Minority

Monday 16th May 2016

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender awareness is increasing across the globe, but what happens when your identity, conflicts with your race and faith? We discussed issues surrounding identity with members of the LGBT community here in London.

London360: Feeding the Homeless

Monday 2nd May 2016

We all encounter rough sleepers, whether commuting or on a night out, but have you ever taken the time to help them? We spoke to ordinary people who choose not to ignore, but instead lend a helping hand.

London360: International Somali Awards

Monday 18th April 2016

We love to explore the various communities that make up the diverse city that we live in. The Somali community is one which has been contributing to British society for many years. We spoke to members of the community, and attended a celebration of their achievements, right here in London.

London360: Screen Nation Awards

Monday 4th April 2016

Although this year’s Oscars and BAFTA awards were dominated by the ‘SoWhite’ hashtag, a ceremony in London attempted to balance things out. The Screen Nation Awards celebrates the best talent from Black British film and television in this past year. Reporter Laurelle Campbell joined the stars at the ceremony.

London360: Series 10 Episode 3

Monday 21st March 2016

Laurelle Campbell presents episode 3 of London360 series 10. Features include: Girls I Rate; Assyrian Football Match; VlogStar – Traffic in the Tube; Heathrow 13; Birthing a New Borough; WE Day 2016

London360 Feature: Girls I Rate

Monday 21st March 2016

Diversity within the creative industry including class, culture and ethnicity has always been discussed but in 2016 the inequalities of the sexes is still a big issue. Digital and social media have made it easier for people to express their outrage on these problems. Female celebrities like Kesha, Jennifer Lawrence and Annie Lennox are examples of women speaking out about what they have encountered. Here in London a group of inspiring female celebrities are looking to rock the boat within the industry. Laurelle Campbell and Yasmine Tanwidjaja-Pajares went to find out how.

London360 Feature: The Student View

Monday 7th March 2016

Imagine a world of news that wasn’t written by your average tabloid journalist, with all the doom, gloom and negativity, but instead by children, creating their own positive headlines about how they see the world, free from spin. London360 reporter Laurelle Campbell met a group of students from London doing just that.

London360 Feature: Magical Lantern Festival

Monday 22nd February 2016

The Chinese community in London is around 125,000 people strong. Annually, Chinese New Year is celebrated under the media’s watchful eye with tourists from across the globe, who congregate in London’s Chinatown; but this year, there’s an alternative celebration bringing traditional Chinese lanterns to the capital.